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London insurance life

Promoting careers in insurance

A site developed with the London Market group, aimed at school leavers that promotes careers in the London insurance market with a focus on the range and variety of different insurance specialities

User experience
London insurance life logo detail

Everything in life carries risk.

The site was developed with the London Market group, it needed a vibrance and energy not typically associated with insurance that would help position a job in insurance as a desirable career path.

Research into similar initiatives across different sectors and an audience primarily comprised of younger people leaving school or looking at options to specialise resulted in a wireframe and sitemap used to validate the proposal and create clarity around the sites objectives.


London insurance life homepage
London insurance life page designs
London insurance life mobile designs


Specialist Insurance is diverse and covers lots of different areas, A simple line based illustrative style was used to create consistent way to illustrate the different areas.

London insurance life illustrations

Social media

Instagram was identified as a popular channel to communicate with the target audience and it was important that the communication was consistent in quality and matched the sites branding. A set of instagram templates were created for the social media manager to use as a basis for their posts