Quality work,with a focus on results

Creative direction and interactive web development with over two decades years’ experience in the industry. David james Graphic Design has helped create and develop innovative campaigns & products that fully realise their client’s vision.

The foundation of David James Graphic Design’s work is built on a commitment to quality through a collaborative process and a holistic approach to design. Extensive experience in design and development brings a personalized and meticulous approach honed through years of expertise.

From the outset of every project, key factors are defined that will determine success with establish measurable objectives. This focus guides our efforts as we adapt and learn throughout the project’s development.

Work created is evocative and striking, communicating a clear message alongside the full integration of a brand’s image and iconography. This strength is a quality larger firms can often fail to capture.

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  1. Design

    A holistic design process that encompasses a comprehensive approach and considers all aspects of a project from research through to development underpins all work undertaken

  2. User experience

    A user centred mindset, research, wireframing and prototyping to help craft useful and intuitive experiences that serve as a foundation on which to build better products and services

  3. Branding

    Effective branding that works to establish a unique personality, visual design, and messaging that positions your brand within the landscape of your competitors.

  4. Development

    Front end web development and Integration of content management and e-commerce systems with a speciality in WordPress.

  5. Animation

    Scripting and storyboarding through to visuals and final production. Animation communicates complex concepts and ideas in an entertaining and engaging way.

  6. Illustration

    From icons suites to character creation. Custom illustration helps add personality, communicate concepts and creates reusable brand assets that can be used across all your marketing channels.